New Features to help you survive the Super 15 (and 6 Nations)

From here on we will be introducing new features to the game which can be bought using TESTRUGBY.com Credits. Two of the more notable are in response to the many lengthy, pleading grovels that we receive each year resulting from stuff-ups made with trades and with forgetting to build complete teams before the lock of a round. Most are simply richer enjoyment.

While we are introducing paid options, it is timely to reinforce our commitment to providing TESTRUGBY.com as a FREE site, by fans for fans. The paid options are just that - additional options. We're making sure the core game remains the best on the planet.

Buying Trades Available now click here
Ok this is a biggy for some of you... "It's not fair!" some are saying? Not to worry we are putting tight restrictions in place so that managers can't go buying and selling players willy-nilly. It is mostly intended as a safety net device, and with the lengthy new Super 15 format it gonna be a long haul that will need careful strategy!

  • a max of 4 trades for the entire Super 15 (will be fewer for shorter series)
  • trades wont be transferrable to another series (use it or lose it as Jonathan Kaplan would say)
  • to keep it transparent, we will show who has used this service in 'Spy mode'

Note: You will need to purchase TESTRUGBY (TR) credits to buy trades

Insurance Against an Invalid Team Available now click here
(Incomplete teams scores NO points for a round)

We get people hounding us for this one every series.. "I got called away to my Uncle's funeral and couldn't get online to update my team before the lock of the round!!" Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.. this is more common than you think and we've heard all the excuses in the book but there has been nothing that we could do about it. Being real, this does happen and it really sucks blowing a whole series just because of one dumb round. Now it's a little more forgiving so your mates can keep in the mix.

If you elect to use an insurance policy, you will:

  • get your team for the round automatically filled in (done at Round Lock)
  • it will be an auto-generated selection, therefore done by our computer with no favoritism or human intervention
  • we wont guarantee that every player selected will actually play but at least you will have a valid team
  • insurance wont be transferrable over to another series (use it or lose it as Wayne Barnes would say)
  • there is a limit of 3 instances of insurance for the Super 15 series, after that you're toast, history, kaput! (Again the available count will be reduced for shorted series)

Note: You will need to purchase TESTRUGBY (TR) credits to take out an insurance policy

TXTing (SMS) to Other Members and Friends Available now click here
We are bringing in TXTing, initially so that you can invite friends into your division but ultimately you will be also able to 'opt-in' to TXT alerts that can:

  • let you know when your team is not complete (and the round close is coming)
  • tell you when the scores are up
  • TXT someone else in your division if they allow it

Note: You will need to purchase TESTRUGBY (TR) credits to do TXT messages

TESTRUGBY (TR) Credits - What the heck are they?
TR Credits are like special vouchers that can be redeemed in the TESTRUGBY.com website, and the reason for them is convenience. It'd be nuts to to give your Credit Card a workout for each TXT message sent or trade bought. So we invented TR credits - you buy them in blocks, and then chip away at your balance redeeming small amounts as you need to.

Minimum purchase: US$5 = 20 credits

TR Credit packages are as follows:

Credits Price in US dollars Bonus Credits
20 credits $5  
40 credits $10  
80 credits $20 5 bonus credits
200 credits $50 15 bonus credits
400 credits $100 35 bonus credits
800 credits $200 80 bonus credits
2,000 credits $500 220 bonus credits
4,000 credits $1000 450 bonus credits
8,000 credits $2000 1000 bonus credits
20,000 credits $5,000 2700 bonus credits

Credits are non-refundable, can only be redeemed with the TESTRUGBY.com website and will expire 18 months from the date of purchase if not used.


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