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Jaques Egelbreght
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  Michael Naqelevuki #1 31-March-2013 (time: 22:49)
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It says he has 2 go forwards, he way more than that!!! please fix it 

he had the most runs for the kings and on another site it says he made 11 runs for 52 metres

also i doubt Vito had zero go forwards??


  Trojan surge #2 04-April-2013 (time: 08:54)
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I agree with Michael, there are a few dubious stats. But I just didn't know where to inquire about them until now. Please would the admin staff have a look at this.


  The Commish #3 09-April-2013 (time: 00:33)
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We don't check all enquiries - only those that seem to hold substance.  All that we've checked recently have proven to confirm the original stats as accurate.  The biggest thing is the very specific definitions that we work to, which are typically a bit different to other stats you see, and this sometimes causes confusion.

We don't record 'hit ups' only 'Go Forwards' which means getting past the advantage line from the previous play, and includes retaining the ball for the next phase of play.

That said, we're not infallible and with the data for around 150 players and 2,000 stats collected per round the occasional error occurs.  To tell us about it, use the 'More --> Contact' form.


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