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Rugby Discussion Board Feedback
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Topic Why not a 15 man game?
Rugby has 15 players - not 12. So why 12 in t
  FrankyV 2657 0 20-September-2012
Topic Only 12 players per team?
Sorry if I've missed something but my team se
  CitizenSmiff 2808 2 02-July-2012
Topic Test Rugby .....World Cup ?
Will Testrugby.com be running anything during
  Bunyips 2354 2 05-August-2011
Topic Updating after tri-nations matches: how long?
The NZ - SA game was about 24 hours ago - how
  ourworldcup 135 0 31-July-2011
Topic Invalad points?
It was to my understanding that you can only
  Rooi Bulle 2010 2798 1 29-July-2011
Moderator Deep
Topic tri nations
Anybody no if a game in the trinations is cla
  The disciples 2887 0 23-July-2011
The disciples
Topic Locking of Finals Week 1
Just finished watching the Waratahs v Blues g
  Super Stu 2873 3 27-June-2011
Moderator Deep
Topic Insurance
Does insurance ensure a full line-up if you d
  Borchardt Bombers 2843 1 05-June-2011
Moderator Deep
Topic luke Morahan
hican you please look into luke morahan,s poi
  DBz 2955 0 16-May-2011
Topic Blue bulls @ Rebels
Can somebody tell me why Wynand olivier got n
  Koenyne 2912 0 15-May-2011
Topic Profit who has the most?
Just interested in who has the most profit?
  Holy Sh%t 3005 2 13-May-2011
Team Spiester
Topic Credits for additional Trades
I have bought 60 credits - how do I use them.
  Westview 2796 0 13-May-2011
Topic am i screwed Transfer issue
i accidentally subbed out more players than i
  daynja 3004 2 02-May-2011
Moderator Offside
Topic Buying TR Credits
Can someone please tell me how on earth you u
  tjb6 3016 3 02-May-2011
Moderator Offside
Topic round locked
i have just woken up 7.40 am in london and i
  sniper 2978 2 02-May-2011
Moderator Offside
Topic Invalid Team
Noticed one of the competitors in my Division
  whez ma heifers 3009 1 02-May-2011
Moderator Offside
Topic More Trades??
Should TR add more trades for purchasing, the
Moderator  Offside 6152 1 22-April-2011
Topic Alias
How to change a alias name or delete an alias
  Rapptors 3169 0 18-April-2011
Topic an other way to buy tr credits
any other way to buy tr credits. I dont have
  douchebag 2872 0 15-April-2011
Topic Point being changed every week !!!
Wtf is going on with the points ??? Why are t
  Zakattack15 2978 1 13-April-2011

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